Bali Bird Park Review

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Experience an enjoyable day, 250 species along with over 1000 birds out that you’ll never forget. Bali Bird Park is one of those certain must-see attractions around Bali. Animal park and this managed and one of a kind household came on Bali’s eco-tourism scene .

Bali Bird Park has been split into areas that recreate the natural habitats of its own birds, finish with native plant life. Or stop at our Rainforest Café for a refreshing juice or a ice cream.

If you’re interested in finding a unique visual experience, see our 4D air-conditioned cinema. Watch one of those movies that were surround-sound centered about birds on display here.

Among the assignments performed by the park management and group of ornithologists would be to breed endangered species in captivity so as to maintain their species such as the native Bali Starling (leucopsar rothschildi) frequently known by locals as ‘Jalak Bali’. Bali Bird Park comes with a unique ‘Hatchling Area’ to reveal visitors specimens in their early phases their stages, since hatching, and within their phases that are mature. The successful breeding applications of the park incorporate the group homes as well as parrots and breeds. You’d be tempted to believe that the birds from the trees and on the perches could fly off – . And there are no visible. Majestic peacocks roam in and about the lawns toucans and parrots welcome one to play from branches for presents and photograph opportunities with them.

It’s an five kilometres out of the Bali Zoo, yet another creature attraction park at the Gianyar area, also 30 minutes before reaching Ubud.

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