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The town is all about 150km southeast of Jakarta. Bestowed with a stunning landscape comprising lush green areas, lakes, hot springs and volcanic mountains, Bandung is among the nation’s most beautiful tourist places, and is particularly popular with city dwellers looking for a fun and stress-free weekend. From the 17th and 18th centuries, the area was the historic capital of the Dutch East Indies, due to its abundant topography endorsed by mountainous areas which served as a superb defense system. Therefore, the city gradually started to grow, together with the institution of a plantation region and building of a railway between Bandung and Batavia, which subsequently resulted in the boom of lighting sector. Furthermore, a series of defense components was put up here, in accordance with the order of the Governor General, H.W. Daendels. The town witnessed further development once the country gained independence in 1945. Now, Bandung is a metropolitan area which is home to over two million individuals. Owing to the European flavor, Bandung is known as the ‘Paris of Java.’ The town is also sometimes called the ‘City of Flowers’.

With a relaxed setting and natural environment, Bandung boasts a range of attractions which are a mixture of Asian and European civilization. The town is particularly famous for its architectural stone which are mainly the remnants of its historical past. Constructed in Indo-European architectural design, Villa Isola is among those not-to-miss landmarks of this city. This exquisite architecture stands out because of both gardens and provides views of town from the best. Bandung’s remarkable buildings also comprise Gedung Sate that’s constructed utilizing a mix of architectural designs including Spanish-Moorish, Italian, Thai and Balinese. Designed by famous architect C.P.W. Schoemaker, Cipaganti Mosque is yet another notable landmark of the city. Further, Bandung is famous because of its buildings like Gedung Merdeka which is famous as the place of their initial Asian-African summit, Grand Hotel Preanger — a special structure designed utilizing a mixture of art deco design and neighborhood culture and ITB West and East Hall — a major Dutch East Indian architectural design structure which also holds the distinction of being the nation’s oldest institute of engineering. To have a glimpse of the nation’s geology, have a tour of this Bandung Geological Museum that’s housed within a one time art-deco style construction. On display here are a number of fossils, rocks and mineral groups. Since the melting point of culture and arts, Bandung presents some interesting highlights from the kind of Saung Angklung Udjo, in which lovely traditional carvings and bamboo musical concerts by kids are ran. The areas of interest in the vicinity of town also insure Bandung Zoo whose prime inhabitants are Sumatran elephants, orangutans, African zebra and Sumatra creatures and Tangkuban perahu crater — a stunning attraction that’s all about 26km north of Bandung.

The town’s dining scene is guaranteed to meet food fans, with various cafes, restaurants, food stalls and food courts. If Chinese dishes would be your favorite, then fall into restaurants such as Golden Lake Chinese Restaurant. Likewise, among the highly favored eateries for fish dishes is Mustika Jaya Sari. Additionally, there are numerous alternatives to test local cuisine, including Sindang Reret, Ponyo and AA Laksana. Additionally, the town also includes a listing of restaurants such as western cuisine, such as Sadewa Steak, McDonald’s, the Stone Café and Cafe Venezia.

From factory outlets to expansive shopping malls, options are endless for shopping in town. In the event you decide to purchase from factory outlets, then pay a visit to the roads of Dago with over 20 outlets and Setiabudi at which you will discover a few branded factory outlets. They mostly include chic products made by local designers. If it comes to the town shopping malls, the majority of them function as a one time destination for shopping, enjoyable dining and amusement. Most importantly, shopping in town will probably be incomplete without taking a tour of Paris Van Java Mall, that can be among the city’s important landmarks.

Bandung is a lively town boasting background, great shopping, and satisfying nightlife and dining. Accommodation in town caters to everyone from the backpacker to the luxury traveler. The town is serviced by Husein Sastranegara International Airport, situated just 3 miles away in town centre.

Bandung is particularly appreciated by weekend travelers from Jakarta who flock into the supply facilities dealing in neighborhood high style and factory outlets which may typically be located at the Setiabudhi Area. As the day strikes, the great number of pubs and nightclubs light upward and attract crowds of dancers and party-goers. Cultural adventures can be appreciated in the many museums established here such as Museum Geologi, and websites like Gedung Sate shows strong hints of this town’s colonial past.

Bandung provides lots of out-of-the-city chances too. The area’s high altitude translates into comfy temperatures, ideal for visiting tea plantations, hiking up dormant volcanoes, or quitting by hot springs. Taxis and car rentals are the ideal method to reach these regions of the countryside.

Because of the proximity, Bandung still tops the list like a favorite weekend getaway destination for many Jakartans. The visitors can be a real hassle, therefore we highly suggest choosing a smart time to journey ( if you push, late at night or very early in the morning are the ideal time to steer clear of gridlocks), or attempt taking the train to get a stress free traveling, and most of all, decide on a resort that has everything you will need all in 1 spot, such as these ones we have chosen for you! Below are our recommendations on the best hotels to get a weekend escape in Bandung:

1. Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers

2. Padma Hotel Bandung

3. GH Universal Bandung

4. The Trans Luxury Hotel Bandung

5. Dusun Bambu

6. Hotel Mercure Bandung Setiabudi

7. Kamojang Green Hotel & Resorts

8. Intercontinental Bandung

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