Misool Island is Largest islands in the Raja Ampat

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Horizontal lowlands cover the coastal areas except at the southwest, which is hilly and mountainous; the hills at the middle area of the island hit at an elevation of 3,250 ft (990 metres). The weather is hot, with rain; seasonal flow seaward in the highlands. The island is sparsely inhabited by Papuans, a number of whom participate in seminomadic searching and collecting. Some also create sago and fish, that can be exported into the Inanwatan and Taminabuan vents of the mainland of West Papua. The settlements are Adua, on the tip of this island, also Lelintah, from the southeast.
Sea-waters allow views of Misool’s treasures even when aboard your ship. The sea gardens of Raja Ampat maintain 75 percent of all species of fish and corals and boast the highest degree of biodiversity.

On the land of, property Misool is among the attractive and most sites in Raja Ampat. The island at first sight shows just a thick carpet of forests and mangrove swamps, and is heavily forested. From the sea, a maze of limestone pinnacles jut to the west and east of this island and also carpeted in vegetation.

The beaches around Misool are pure White sand, fringed resulting from the turquoise waters that are stunningly. Besides wealth of life and the panoramic scenery, Misool is home to sites. Quite a few petroglyphs are seen across the island on walls of caves, dating back.

Misool Island is one of the islands, shaped part of the sultanate of Tidore in early times. It had been colonized by the Dutch, even though it keeps its Indigenous character in its own customs and lifestyle.

From the caves Misool Island, it is possible to find characters and designs engraved in rock. Despite being the island at Raja Ampat, Misool is populated, as it’s remote and access to it’s complex.

Despite Them, the civilization of Misool is much like that of the remainder of the Raja Ampat Islands. Constructions, love of their nature surrounding them and a respect for and millenary folk dances, are features of civilization at the archipelago. Concerning the cuisine, it’s tricky to locate Western food on Misool Island, since it’s about the remaining cities and islands at Raja Ampat. Inside this region, the natives grow and prepare their own meals according to pork, chicken and rice, because there are imports from outside the islands.

Of the Coral Triangle, and it has its own National Marine Park, which comprises the waters of Misool Island. This zone is your home to countless corals inhabiting its waters, perfect for dives photograph and to observe the species making up its ecosystem and to species such as the dudong.
There you can Observe a stunning selection of species such as rabbits fish Whitetip sharks, several kinds of mollusks, and corals that are gaudy.


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