Papua Paradise Eco Resort is The Best Places to Visit on a Vacation

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Papua Paradise Resort Is Located along the Coastline of the island of Birie, Raja Ampat. The island is teeming with a spectacular collection of woods, lush jungle foliage, along with bird life, although the reefs from the region provide world class diving.

Constructed in traditional fashion, Papua Paradise provides an exceptionally higher quality of comfort and assistance.

This escape away from culture, echoing beneath the bungalows with the noise of the birds and the lapping of the waves, Papua Paradise presents a high quality of support, along with accommodation.

Dive with manta rays, sharks, and shoals of schooling fish; investigate reef slopes with a number of the broadest diversity of corals on the planet, and home some of the greatest macro diving of Raja Ampat; and finish the day with an ideal sea sunset view from the private balcony.

The hotel, located in the center of Raja Ampat, supplies all criteria of support and relaxation. Surrounded with reefs and flora that is subtropical, the island is a sanctuary for sailors and non-divers.

Even the 16 waterfront bungalows miss a stretch of home reef that features world class snorkeling, as well as the jungle trails round the boundary of this peninsula are surrounded by wilderness that is glorious, shrouded with trees that are huge.

By means of this jungle foliage a plethora of birds can be viewed, such as Blythes Hornbills, Palm Cockatoo, Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo, Imperial Pied Fruit Pigeon, plus a fantastic deal more.

On arrival in Sorong airport you may make your way by cab, where you are able to catch a boat to the island of Birie. The period of the boat trip is weather dependent and it might vary in 1.5 to two hours.

Such as the bungalows, Seaview Restaurant overlooks the home palaces, the surface of that is rippling with jump baitfish along with the lithe sea sharks that live in the bay.

We serve a number of European and Indonesian Cuisine within an elaborate buffet, and no effort is spared from kitchens to guarantee the caliber of service and their food . All locally grown produce accessible (like bananas, jackfruit, cassava, water poultry, several different greens and much more) is bought from villages in the neighboring islands; lots of different fruits and vegetables include vegetable garden, though other things are bought from the local interface of Sorong.

Specialty things such as cakes, all bread and yoghurt, in addition to pasta and ravioli are all home made and are served fresh.

The architectural inspired water bungalows with facilities are constructed on stilts and made with materials from Raja Ampat.
Papua Paradise Divers is among the few PADI 5 star dive hotels in Raja Ampat. The facility functions according to security criteria that are best, with a emphasis on standards and client support. We keep a 4 guest to a single guide standard to guarantee the maximum quality experience for sailors.

The dive boats are purpose built for diving, and are each equipped with oxygen, first aid kits, refreshing towels, hot beverages, snacks and fruit, in addition to VHF Radio and regular marine safety gear, and a team that are standing by to help guest in all facets of the dip.

The reefs of Raja Ampat extolled and have been feted. The area is regarded as among the most biodiverse in the world, and at least 75 percent of all coral reefs in presence are available at Raja Ampat.
The life is spectacular, and also the variety of to minute found pipefish and seahorse species, animals from education manta rays, is astounding. Schools of fish at the thousands writhe over coral reefs slopes Offering sightings of turtles, eels, cuttlefish and birds, including the famous wobbygongs; and after diving the different websites in the heart of Raja Ampat, a traffic decision is invariable — that really is a glorious epicenter of marine biodiversity

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